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Urban Planning in the Yarqon Peninsula



Cooperation with Arch. Tom Zruya

& Arch. Rinat Burg


Location:  Tel Aviv, Israel


Competition 1 prize.

The project provides an urban solution for the contemporary lifestyle, in which communication technology questions the necessity of the traditional workplace. Increasing mobility leads to a new kind of lifestyle, non-dependent on any certain defined place or framework. In such a reality, where “place” is not a prerequisite for “work”, there is a need for a new space that is flexible both in time and in space, that shall enhance the complex reciprocation between local human capital and the city.

The project proposes a new world’s fair on the backdrop of the International East Fair which took place in the Yarqon Peninsula in 1934, however this project does not create a one-time event, but rather a permanent and active system, of which the fair is an integral part.

World’s fairs historically presented developments stemming from human advancement. Following suit, our fair suggests development for the contemporary need of a stage for the mobile lifestyle. This urban space will provide solutions for new needs while breathing new wind in the Yarqon Peninsula in particular, and in the creativity and financial life of the Tel Aviv metropolital area in general, where such a phenomenon is already widespread and shall continue to grow.

The project combines three systems:


The Fair – a wide street with a clear direction, defined by the walls of the exhibition structures and by the various courts allowing it to expand and host temporary urban events of various sizes.

The Creative Space – a street with a reverse scheme of vacant and occupied (¿) creating semi-public spaces. It is a working environment containing various temporary-use spaces suitable for the needs of the mobile user, including services, businesses and residential. Its serpent like character creates the courts. The vision is to provide fertile soil for entrepreneurship and creativity.

The Safe Axis – an existing touristic array of restaurants and brands along the promenade. The project suggests incorporating this axis together with the two new systems and continuing it further along the Yarqon including several public and cultural institutions of metropolitan scale.


The project aspires to combine the city’s components and resources in a new way. The combination of systems provides the individual a multi-dimensional space in which the process of creativity is part of the landscape

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