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Location:  Jarden de Metis


RUG 00.jpg
RUG 04.jpg

The project presents an interpretation of the ancient habit, common in many cultures worldwide, of spreading a rug/blanket in nature for recreation. The flexible fabric surface takes on the ground's shape while enabling new uses, whether for picnics, lying on the beach, etc


The project examines how a built object can integrate with the land and plants, be flexible as well as adjustable to them, and create with them a temporary space that allows a new experience for the site.


The RUG integrates with the site's local trees and topography and links them together, while creating a multipurpose space with a variety of viewpoints and possibilities of stay. Through interpretation of the transient use of fabric over the ground, the project examines the blurring of boundaries between object and surrounding. The interaction and changing positions between land, plants and rug form a space which creates a new experience of the environment.

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RUG 04.jpg
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