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area:  54 m² 



The apartment is located in a 400-year-old building, one of the oldest in Barcelona. The outline of the apartment is characterized by diagonal and curved lines, while an internal patio divides the space into two parts. The original character of this unique space had been blurred over the centuries: the balcony in the patio was closed and served as a small bathroom, a set of wooden beams were added under the ancient beam that had rotted, and the original curves where covered.


The central part of the planning process was to replace the ceiling and floor. In a mutual planning process agreed upon with the residents of the building, the double-cold wood system was replaced with steel beams, which added an average of 60 centimetres to the height of the space. In addition, the balcony on the patio was reopened In order to instil natural light into the heart of the house.

The minimal wall division and the built-in furniture create an order in the absence of any grid or repetitive line. The master bedroom is located in the smaller part of the apartment, while the larger part is left wide open from the patio until the external wall, in order to allow natural ventilation to flow throughout the house, while highlighting the unique curving wall and patio. A wide double wooden door allows separating part of the living room into an office or a guestroom when necessary.

The curving wall in the living room was exposed to show its original bricks. The wave that the wall produces was designed as a wide sitting area, combined with storage drawers and plants. The door to the inner patio was designed with colorful vintage glass combined with plants, in order to highlight it as the bright and colorful heart of the apartment.

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