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Cooperation with Arch. Michael Leef



The project was exhibited in the Bat-Yam Biennale




The project replaces the familiar function of cones as barrier with a sheet of cones undergoing transformation in the urban public space: from barrier to space to furniture.


This metamorphosing sheet is composed of a basic unit of an object from the realm of barriers – the cone. Inasmuch as creating a new challenge to the wide open space, it creates a new challenge of the cone, as an architectural as well as aesthetic element in the city.

The sheet of cones relies on the existing materials in the site and enables a wide variety of environmental sculptures. It is easily constructible and deconstructible, as well as portable throughout the city. The sheet becomes a to for urban space generation: a parking lot turns into a square, a back-yard into a playground, a nuisance into an experience.

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